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OPEN HOUSE Final Dissemination Workshop Brussels, 25th July 2013

OPEN HOUSE: Scope and objectives

Daniel Hiniesto, ACCIONA Infraestructuras

Part 1: OPEN HOUSE Methodology: theoretical background

OPEN HOUSE: an harmonization approach.

Vincent Peyramale, FRAUNHOFER IBP

Proposition of adaptation to the residental context

Nikos Sakkas, APINTECH

OPEN HOUSE: a comprehensive life cycle approach - indicators

Environmental Quality

Johannes Gantner, FRAUNHOFER IBP

Economic Quality

Bruno Ziegler, EDF

Social/Functional Quality

Roland Le Roux, BOUYGUES

Technical Characteristics

Margherita Scotto, D'APPOLONIA

Process Quality

Ed Metcalfe, Institute For Sustainability

The Location

Consolata Russelli, DGNB

Part 2: OPEN HOUSE Practical Experience and Tools

Presentation of assessment guides and tools: how to assess a building with the OPEN HOUSE methodology

Vincent Peyramale, FRAUNHOFER IBP

Nikos Sakkas, APINTECH

Presentation of case studies

Vincent Peyramale, FRAUNHOFER IBP

European Commission’s strategy on sustainable buildings

Josefina Lindblom, DG Environment European Commission


Christophe Gobin, VINCI

Construction21_ The international platform for green building practitioners

Veronique Pappe, IFPEB


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This project receives funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement No. 244130 (OPEN HOUSE).