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OPEN HOUSE provides a sustainability Framework of indicators which can be implemented across Europe in a consistent manner for comparability of green buildings between countries. It will provide support for public authorities to set and meet sustainability targets. Public authorities in the EU are responsible for the way they use their spending power. They should lead the change towards:
• sustainable production and consumption patterns
• eco-friendly technology
to preserve our planet for ourselves and future generations.


Local authorities, regional and national public bodies are key players as:

Public authorities are major building consumers in Europe, spending some 16 % of the EU’s Gross Domestic Product. By using their purchasing power to opt for goods and services that also respect the environment they can make an important contribution towards sustainable development.

Green purchasing is also about setting an example and influencing the market-place[1]. As it has highlighted in its COM (2008) “Public Procurement for a better environment”, Green Public Procurement (GPP) has a high potential to boost the competitiveness of European industry by stimulating innovation in eco-technologies[2].

Sustainable procurement is at an earlier stage than GPP but Public authorities are little by little adopting these practices. e.g: the UK Government Sustainable Procurement Action Plan[3].

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GPP Training Toolkit

Green Public procurement

EU GPP Criteria for office buildings

GPP Training Toolkit: Construction

GPP in Poland: Criteria for thermal insulation products

[1] Commission staff working document “Buying green!” A handbook on environmental public procurement Brussels, 18.8.2004 SEC(2004) 1050

[2] COM (2008) “Public Procurement for a better environment”


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This project receives funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement No. 244130 (OPEN HOUSE).